European Rugby Challenge Cup

The European Rugby Challenge Cup is the 2nd tier club rugby competition in Europe. It replaced the European Challenge Cup (Amlin Cup) in 2014 and is organised by European Professional Club Rugby.

The competition came about following concerns held by English and French clubs about European club rugby and the way it was structured. These concerns were mainly around the way funds were distributed and inequities in the qualification process.

In April 2014, the EPCR announced the new competition, along with a new European Rugby Champions Cup and a new qualifying competition.


The European Rugby Challenge Cup will have 20 teams playing in 5 pools of 4 teams. They will play other teams in their pool twice, on a home and away basis. The pool winners and the 3 best runners-up will then progress to the play-offs, which will be quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.


Qualification for the competition will be determined by the finishing position teams have in their respective league competitions.

  • England - the 4 teams from the Premiership that did not qualify for the European Rugby Champions Cup and the team promoted up to the Premiership
  • France - the 5 teams from the Top 14 that did not qualify for the European Rugby Champions Cup and the 2 teams promoted up to the Top 14
  • Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Italy - the 5 teams from the Pro 12 that did not qualify for the European Rugby Champions Cup
  • 2 other teams that qualify through the Qualifying Competition, played for among the top 4 teams from Italy's National Championship of Excellence and club sides from other European rugby nations.

One other team will make the Challenge Cup, depending on the results of the Champions Cup play-off matches for the last position in that competition. Teams in this play-off series will be the 7th place finishers of the Premiership and the Top 14 and the 8th and 9th place finishers from the Pro 12.

In 2015 the qualifiers was determined by a qualification competition played amongst teams from the domestic competitions of Russia, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The final stage of qualification was played between the 2 pool winners of that competition and the Romanian champions, Baia Mare and Rovigo from Italy.