International Rugby Results
Rugby test match scores from around the world

International rugby matches between countries have been played for over 140 years, since England played Scotland in 1871.  The game has grown from then and is now played all around the world. International matches are played in various countries and can be played for a competition or due to a tour being undertaken.

The biggest competition would be the Rugby World Cup. This takes place every 4 years and has become the premier rugby competition in the world. Other competitions between international teams also include The Rugby Championship, a southern hemisphere competition, the Six Nations Championship, a European competition and a number of other localised competitions around the globe.

International teams also tour other nations to play the local team, and other provincial teams, on various occasions. In previous times these tours could last 3-4 months and have 20-30 matches. They were much anticipated events and became a highlight of the rugby calendar in the host country. With the changes in the game and the world, tours are usually much shorter today, with 5-6 weeks being the longest undertaken.

In the current period, with the congested rugby calendar, there are two touring windows provided for the major rugby playing nations. These are in June and November each year. June usually sees the northern hemisphere nations tour the south and in November the southern hemisphere teams tour the north.

In 2020 and 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the normal schedules.

International Rugby Results

Rugby results from matches played in the various rugby competitions will generally be found on the pages for that competition.

Other rugby results from matches played at other times or tours will be found on the pages for the years in which they were played.


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