Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us This page outlines some information about our collection and use of data and information that might affect your privacy. It also notes some choices you have about how information may be collected and used.

By using this website you agree to these policies.

Any personally identifiable information from visitors to our website will only be on a voluntary basis. Personal information received from any visitor will only be used for internal purposes and will never be sold or provided to third parties. The only exception to this would occur where we are forced to do so for legal reasons.

When visiting our website, information may be collected about the IP address, and the date and time of the visit. Other common types of information collected includes which website you came from, how long you visited pages for and where you went to when you left the site. This type of information is only used for statistical analysis of trends and/or demographics of web use. No information of this kind is able to be linked to your personal information.

Cookies are another common item in use on websites. Cookies are a simple transfer of data onto your computer that can improve your visits to a website by noting your actions while at a website. You should assume cookies are used at all websites but you should also remember that you can make adjustments in your browser so that you can control how they are used, if at all. You should also note however, that disabling cookies may affect how a website operates.

If you make a comment in a blog post then that information is made 'public' and we have no control over what happens to it from there on.

If there are Google ads on this website then Google may use cookies to place relevant ads. Google uses cookies so that their adverts are relevant to the user’s use of this and other websites. Google has its own privacy policy with regards to the use of cookies. You can visit the Google ad and content network privacy policy at this place:

Other third party ad companies or networks may also use cookies. If they do, we have no control over them and they will have their own privacy policies to cover their use.

There may be links to other websites on our pages. They are there for you to use at your discretion. Any websites you visit from our website will have privacy policies of their own and you should review these if you have any concerns.

The contents of this page may change at any time. You should not assume that this page is unaltered and if the information on this page is important to you then you should check this page regularly.