The Rugby Championship

The Southern Hemisphere's International Rugby Competition

Previously the Tri-Nations Cup, with New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, from 2012 Argentina was added to make a 4 team Southern Hemisphere competition.

In 2017 it had 6 rounds, with each team playing the other twice on a home and away basis. The winner is the top ranked team at the end of the competition.

Sponsorship deals mean that the Championship will have different names in each country:

  • In NZ - The Investec Rugby Championship
  • In Australia - The Castrol Edge Rugby Championship
  • In SA - The Castle Rugby Championship
  • In Argentina - The Personal Rugby Championship

Take a look at some highlights of the 2017 Rugby Championship.


Rugby Championship Results

Click on the link above for The Rugby Championship results and competition table

Tri-Nations Cup Results

Click on the link for results from previous years when the competition was known as the Tri-Nations Cup


The History of The Rugby Championship

The Rugby Championship is the latest format of what was the Tri-Nations Cup. This competition started in 1996 with the advent of professional rugby. There were 3 teams involved - New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

From 1996 until 2005 the format was for each team to play the other twice on a home and away basis.

In 2006 the format was changed to 3 matches against each other team.

In 2007, due to the Rugby World Cup, the Tri-Series reverted back to a 2 match home and away format again.

From 2008 to 2010 the format was again changed to each team playing the others 3 times.

In 2011, again due to the Rugby World Cup, the series was reduced to 2 matches, home and away.

In 2012, 2013 and 2014, with the addition of Argentina, 4 teams will play each other on a home and away basis again.

In 2015, with the Rugby World Cup due to be played, each team played the other teams once.

In 2016, the format reverted to 6 rounds, each team playing the other home and away. A change was also made to the bonus points system. Instead of a bonus point for four or more tries, a bonus point would be awarded for scoring 3 more tries than the opposition in a match. This format was retained for 2017 and 2018.